Welcome to The Hell of French Hazing

During a business school’s hazing weekend (called week end d’intégration in French: WEI), the body of a young man is found drowned at the edge of a pond. Called to the site, the police question all participants and are left with far too many contradictory stories to accept the idea of an accident.
The police confiscate all of the live footage recorded by the students throughout the weekend to try to understand what happened.

18 hours earlier. The students celebrate their “integration” weekend in a huge cottage in the countryside. Under the ruthless authority of the sophomores, the freshman quickly learn about the relationships of power, domination, and ensuing chaos of the weekend that will play a part in their days at school.

Throughout the first day, the activities become more and more trash, and a gap widens between those who agree to play the game that is WEI (hazing).

Pumped up on alcohol, and the progressive intensity of the party, spirits soar and the entire group ends up losing a grip on reality.

WEI OR DIE is a new genre of fiction, immersive and technological, that places the Internet surfer at the center of an interactive platform.

All images filmed by students during the WEI, which constitute all the available visuals, are re-synchronized and placed on a Realtimeline where the user can navigate freely. Users can click directly on segments to watch or re-watch sequences.

With camera buttons in the interface, the user can change cameras in real time, with both keyboard and mouse. Users create their own montages while getting attached to characters they find the most seductive, interesting, or suspect.


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